A Few Of My Favorite Things - Part 2


   Welcome to part 2. Last week’s blog was about some of my favorite items that I’ve sold. This week, we’ll talk about the last three things. 


    Barbara’s Legs. I bought a set of doll parts, I called her Barbara. I still have her head, but her legs have sold. I love a good oddity, this stems from my being the “weird kid.” I gravitate towards those strange things where a normal person might not see value. I also have a good story about some clip boards I’ll tell you one day. I always like to wonder what happened to them. Were they turned into jewelry, were they used as doll legs, did they end up in some kind of sculpture? Reasons like this is also why I encourage my clients to share pictures with me. I want to see how your chosen artifact enriches your life.

DSC03407 copy.jpg

    Granger Fishing Pole. This one we came on completely by chance. And we almost lost it. I spotted a big metal tube, I was curious, so I started undoing the lid. Brent asked what I’d found. I was still undoing the lid and I made the joke “Wouldn’t it be nice if theres a Picasso in here?” That would be whats called a “retirement piece.” Instead it was a fishing pole. Brent noticed we were being watched. I’ll talk about that in a later blog. He nudged me and we walked away to do research. What we found, was a Granger Special bamboo fly fishing rod. What we also found, was there was a collectors market, and these rods were sought after. We looked at each other, Brent said “Go get it.” 

    I whipped around, practically ran, back to that booth. The watcher was in there, I don’t know what her plan was, but I made a bee line for that metal tube and snatched it up. Watcher watched me zip out of there with my pole. We continued through the rest of the antique mall, and when we decided to check out, the watcher was in front of us. She continued to sneak glances at my pole whilst taking a wad of cash out of her wallet to pay for her Precious Moments figurines. 

    I like this item because I love the idea that someone would buy this vintage fishing pole, not to put up on the wall, but to use. I also learned that bamboo is the preferred material for fly rods. So, whomever has my pole, I hope you landed the big one. And I’d still love to see a picture.

DSC03206 copy.jpg

    Backpack Frame. We came across this by chance, and we sold it under some interesting circumstances. This was a Brent find, which is why it’s good to have a partner who has different tastes than you. I totally missed it. It looked homemade, it looked to be assembled out of slats from a chair. It was held together with rivets, and had some military surplus hardware and straps. What I like about this was that it was assembled from parts that were available to this person. 

    Growing up poor, we had to make things. I remember my mom making clothes for me, the sheds we used for storage were all homemade from parts available. A person made this packframe out of things they had because it was something they needed. Wether for necessity or leisure, they either couldn’t or wouldn’t buy one. They made one instead.

    The sale of this item occurred after a well known outdoor publication (I don’t remember which one) posted an Instagram story about vintage packframes hung on a wall as decor. That’s exactly what I had done with it also. Now, I don’t believe in coincidence, I think it was right time, right place. 

    I hope you’ve enjoyed this one, I certainly enjoyed writing it! Have a great week, and get out there and find something awesome!

Brooke Gilbert