Friends Don't Let Friends Buy "The Look"

globe photo collage.jpg

    One of the main killers of the antique industry is buying “the look.” I’ve been at the flea market before where two women were looking at something, I don’t remember exactly what it was. One of them looked at the price tag and I guess she didn’t like what she saw. She made the statement “I can get that at Target for $9.” Well, you might get “the look” at Target for $9. But what you won’t get is the authenticity. 

    While you can purchase “the look” at many department stores across our great country, why would you want to do that? It just looks tacky. No joke, I have an acquaintance who really likes old photographs. She loves them so much , she displays them in her home. The problem here is that she doesn’t buy the real thing, she prints them off the computer through an inkjet printer. They really do look terrible, but it’s not my house.

    When someone buys “the look” they are buying something second rate. So, this is going to be my way to change your mind. Now, take for instance these two globes. The one on the right is from an antique store. It’s got some rust, but look at those feet! I’ve never seen a globe like that before. Isn’t it neat? The price tag, $119. But, you’re not only buying the globe itself, you're also buying the globe’s history. It’s story. The one on the left is from a department store. It’s similar, but not exactly the same. It looks newer, because it is, and the price tag, $9. No, it wasn't at target. 

collage 2.jpg

    Now, this globe is cheaper because it was mass produced for the consumer market. It has no history, no character, it has literally nothing going for it other than a $9 price tag. 

    Now let me ask you this, which one seems more interesting to you?

    If you said the store-bought one, I really don’t believe you. 

    This is just me, but if you offer me something new and something old, I’ll choose the old one almost every time. Except shoes. I don’t do used shoes, I’m too much of a germaphobe for that. 

    When you buy “the look” you’re spending less money, but you’re not buying something very interesting. Let me give it to you this way, if you were going to have one of them in your house, which one would make a bigger statement?

    If you invite me into your house, I’ll spot the antique, and I’ll comment on it. Because I’ll want to know where you got it. Getting locations that have good stuff is something I always like to do. 

    If you have some crappy globe that you bought at the department store, I won’t look twice at it. I won’t ask where you got it, because straight up, I won’t care. I don’t buy home decor at the department store. I go to the department store for pretzels and shampoo.

    Good antiques are noticed by people who don’t know anything about antiques. Because when something has real wear, a real history, people take notice. 

    If globes aren’t your thing, well that’s okay. The antiques world is filled with treasures! There are things to choose from Christening gowns, to pencil sharpeners. If you go into any antique mall or any antique fair, I guarantee you’ll find something that you will fall in love with!

Brooke Gilbert