Quick! Follow That Trend!


   Ever heard the phrase “keep your eye on the ball?” Well, todays blog is “keep your eye on the trend!” Following trends is a great way to help with buying decisions. There are several different ways to do that, from reading magazines, to talking to people.

   Social media can be a treasure trove of information. Watch those buy/sell/trade groups on Facebook. There’s generally one for every town nearby you. I’m a member of several. While you may find something to buy yourself every once in a while, watch what people are looking for. 

    The acronym “LTB” stands for "looking to buy," also look for “WTB” which is "wanting to buy." Read those posts and see what items people are looking for. If you have that thing, message them. You might make a sale or two! 

    Look in the classifieds in the newspaper, there are still a lot of folks who advertise in the classifieds of the local paper. Things they want, things they’re selling, yard sales, estate sales, etc. The local Craigslist “wanted” section can also be a wealth of information. Watching what people are looking for will help you make decisions on your buying, and help you make more informed choices. 

    Regional trends are something to take into account. If you travel and sell, before you load your truck, look at those facebook groups, look at the local Craigslist. You do not want to haul a massive chest of drawers 100 or more miles if no one is looking to buy it when you get there. 

    Social Media can be a great source for what other dealers are selling in their area. Almost everyone these days has a Facebook page or Instagram page for their business. Look at those pages, see what items are marked “sold.” Shoot a message out to them. Don'y be shy! Contact them! You might even end up with a great connection.

    If you’re going to be selling in Houston TX, look up some dealers and make contact. Ask questions. I’ve done that before, and I have found most people are more than happy to help someone out. Ask what has been selling, what tips or advice they have.

    Ask customers and colleagues. If you’ve sold something in Rochester NY to someone, and you’re going there to sell, if you can, contact that person. Ask them what others are looking for in that area. If you have contacts in that area, call them. Touch base and see what information you can trade.

    One of my favorite ways to follow trends are magazines! There are so many good ones, too many to list. But some of the best are going to be the big publications. Country Living, Martha Stewart: Living, Flea Market Style. You can buy them off the rack, or get a subscription. (Getting a subscription is the cheaper option.) People all over the country look at these publications. Some magazines that I get, which are actually catalogs, is the Filson catalog, Pendleton, and Pendleton Home.These catalogs have good photography, and some them use props. That can be good information.

    I don’t believe in coincidence. An outdoor magazine, I don’t remember which one, ran an Instagram story about vintage packframes hanging as wall decor. I had a wooden pack frame for sale (see "A are of My Favorite Things - Part 2 for photo). It sold to someone I suspect was a decorator, not long after that story was posted. Like I said, I don’t believe in coincidence.

    So, follow those trends.