Keystone 16mm Film Movie Projector

Keystone 16mm Film Movie Projector


Antique movie projector, works, comes with 5 movies and instructions.

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This is one I'm really excited about. It's an old projector that plays 16mm movies, and it WORKS! This would be a great piece for any film collector or movie buff. It comes with everything you need, it has both reels, springs, and as stated, it works. This one comes with 5 movies, one doesn't have a box. There are 3 westerns, 1 cartoon, and 1 art film of some kind (see below for titles). The wall plug has been updated to a modern one, and it does work. However, it is also very old and the motor will not be able to handle a movie marathon. at the time it was manufactured if one could afford a home projector, they may have only owned 1 movie. So, I would recommend watching only one movie per day. It comes with an instruction sheet that shows you how to load the film. If you'd like to see it in action, please see the pinned stories on our Instagram profile at, there is also a short clip of the "Dizzy Kitty" cartoon. Now, there is no sound for these movies, but if you just search "silent movie music" on YouTube, play it in the background, you're good to go.

Movies included:
The Dizzy Kitty
Untitled Western
Lassoing The Stagecoach
Tom Mix: Double Reward
The Huber Art Co Art Film